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Minor adjustment collective is the name under which Hyemin Son, John Reardon and others work.
They are interested in a performative and public engagement with material and infrastructure. Central to this work is the idea of the prototype which contains the potential to produce a rupture or disturbance in the public domain. Much of the work they make operates in a kind of intermediate or middle state, somewhere between object, performance and event.

Hyemin Son's work explores the interrelationship between everyday life, action and the imaginary as located predominantly in the urban cityscape. In a playful manner, Son constructs gatherings, performances and happenings designed to create tensions and ruptures between an artists' intention and the situation as it unfolds.

John Reardon makes single and co-authored work, work under a shared name or title, as well as anonymous work. Often context specific, Reardon’s work explores how a public is constituted, how art is made public and the often-implicit public pedagogy that is part of this process. Reardon is resident artist in the Politics Department at Goldsmiths College. Teaching/dp/1905464134