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Aviary 2012
Materials: fabricated flight cage or aviary, Materials: welded steel, steel mesh, metal and plastic wheels, 10 parakeets, feeding and cleaning routine.
Dimensions: 160(w) x 100(l) x 200(h)cm
Duration: 1 month
Place: Itaewon, Seoul

Aviary is a context-specific work conceived as a means to radically alter the space of Takeout Drawing (a residency space, café, bookshop and gallery built over 3 floors) in terms of how a month-long bird sound from 10 parakeets could be used over the 3 floors of the building as well as how the numerous obligations, care and welfare of the birds could alter the well established routines, and patterns of Takeout Drawing. We were also thinking about the spiritual and metaphoric significance of the birds through a number of related or interconnected pieces of work we were making at the same time as Aviary including Running Ghost Tour/Itaewon and Rooftop Billboard.

Management guide to the living conditions and maintenance of 10 Parakeets:

1. Maintenance of indoor temperature (ideally, 23~25°C) – when cleaning, ventilation is important but be aware of opening all windows at the same time thus creating a significant change in temperature. (For ventilation please open windows as far away as possible from the Aviary – when the birds catch a cold, they fall down) For this reason, air-conditioning in the café area on the second floor is prohibited at all times. Instead, leave the windows open.
2. Music – music from speakers in the café area is also prohibited.
3. Cleaning each day before opening to the public, cleaning is done with the tools provided. Cleaning takes one person approximately 40 minutes. During the residency and exhibition period, Hyemin Son and John Reardon are in charge of cleaning.
4. Water – should be changed at regularly morning and night. Morning: 10am, (before opening to the public), night: 10 pm (before closing to the public).
5. Birdseed – should be changed every morning. Parakeets feed on grains so husks will gather in the feeding bowls. For this reason feeding bowls may look full – however it does not mean they are full and that the Parakeets have enough food – be aware the feeding bowls may contain only husks that can be blown away with your breath.