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CycloGalaxy 2014
Materials: Styrofoam, water based paint, coated polyurethane, rotary motor
Dimensions: Potato (110x130x100)cm, Durian (110x90x80)cm, Rock(120x140x120)cm
Duration: 1 month
Place: Itaewon, Seoul

CycloGalaxy combines permanently rotating objects – Potato | Durian | Rock – with temporarily performed text or absurd homage (written by Hyemin Son & John Reardon and performed by artist YoonSuk Choi) on the opening night of the exhibition. CycloGalaxy is shaped by the architecture of Amado Art Space, its external roof space, how this is constructed over three levels, it’s anonymity to most people as an art space and how it is visible from surrounding buildings and streets.

CycloGalaxy from Hye Son on Vimeo.