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Running Ghost Tour / Itaewon 2012
Materials: Hand-made masks, raincoats, megaphone, signboards in Korean and English (cardboard and felt pen), guiding materials, harmonica, drums / Performers: Nam Hyein, Shin YeSeul, Jo Eunsong, Hyemin Son and John Reardon
Dimensions: Variable size
Duration: A repeated one-hour running event
Place: Itaewon, Seoul

Running Ghost Tour / Itaewon is mobile, disruptive, noisy and absurd. Part guided tour, part ceremony, part Happening, each tour – running through a busy night time city centre and red light area – includes approximately 10 people and works to the accompaniment of sound, movement and graphics. Actions or amateur reenactments are performed at 8 locations where crimes by U.S. personnel were committed during the past 15 years.